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Run Fluid Visualizer

Click on the following link to run HPLC Fluid Visualizer:

Launch HPLC Fluid Visualizer

After clicking on the above link, a window will ask you to either open or save "fluidvisualizerapp.jnlp". Make sure "Open with" and "Java(TM) Web Start Launcher" are selected louboutin replicas and then click "Ok".

Note: Some browsers may open the contents of fluidvisualizerapp.jnlp instead of running it. In that case, follow the instructions below for "Running HPLC Fluid Visualizer Offline".

Example Files

Download these files and open them from the HPLC Fluid Visualizer. Feel free to upload your own files to the Forum.

6-port - A basic six-port valve and sample loop.

6-column - A 6-column selector configuration with two 7-port, 6-position valves.

sample - A sample enrichment configuration. In valve position #1, the sample is loaded onto an enrichment column. In position #2, the enriched sample is flushed onto an analytical column.

sample - A sample stripping configuration. In valve position #1, unwanted sample matrix is stripped out by a pre-column and the rest is loaded onto an analytical column. In position #2, the pre-column is flushed with a strong solvent. - Two columns alternate between performing a separation and getting flushed with a strong solvent. - A comprehensive two-dimensional HPLC setup with a 10-port, 2-position valve.


Basic Instructions

Add parts to the workspace and connect them with tubing. The application shows the flow path and calculates system properties (backpressure, dispersion, and gradient delay).

- Add parts to the workspace by clicking on them and then clicking anywhere on the workspace.

- Connect them by selecting HPLC tubing of a certain inner diameter from the toolbar. Click anywhere to begin adding a tube, click again to add bends to the tube, and either click on an open connection point or press 'Esc' to end a tube.

- To edit a part's properties, click on the wrench in the toolbar and then click on the part.

- To switch a valve, make sure the Select Tool is selected (the toolbar fonts button with the arrow icon) and click in the center of the valve.

Running HPLC Fluid Visualizer Offline

If you would like to use HPLC Fluid Visualizer offline, right-click the following link:


and select "Save Target As..." or "Save Link As...". Then, to run HPLC Fluid Visualizer, just double-click on the free icons download file. Note that an active internet connection IS needed the first time it is run this way so that a copy can be downloaded and stored locally on your computer.

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